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    Classic Waldorf Dress-Up Doll. From Bella Luna Toys.

    Waldorf Guardian Angel Doll. Organic cotton and wool. Made in Germany. From Bella Luna Toys.

    Classic Handmade Waldorf Dress-Up Doll from Bella Luna Toys

    Angel Baby Doll. Soft as a cloud. A perfect first doll for a baby or toddler! From Bella Luna Toys. $24.95

    Kathe Kruse Waldorf Doll - Heidi. Made in Europe for Bella Luna Toys. $139.95

    Wooden Doll Cradle, handmade in Maine. From Bella Luna Toys. $69.95

    Anna is Fair Trade made in India with cotton and stuffed with pure wool. 16" tall. $69.95

    Blue Fairy Waldorf Kerchief Doll with skirt made of real silk, and wings made of real magnolia leaves. $29.95

    The smallest (and cutest!) Waldorf dolls ever! Pocket Baby Waldorf Dolls. Made in Europe. $8.95 each

    Adorable! Pocket Gnome Waldorf Dolls in rainbow colors, cotton and wool. Made in Germany. $8.95 each.

    Waldorf Boy Doll - Louis. $69.95

    Win a $50 Gift Certificate from Bella Luna Toys!

    Sweet little baby doll comes tucked into it's own star bed made of thick organic cotton fleece. www.bellalunatoys...

    Handmade Waldorf Boy Dress Up Doll made in Germany. From Bella Luna Toys www.bellalunatoys...

    Nanchen Waldorf Girl Doll made in Germany. www.bellalunatoys...

    Organic Waldorf Doll with Brown Braids, Red. Made in Germany. www.bellalunatoys...

    Handmade Cuddle Baby Waldorf Doll from Bella Luna Toys. All natural cotton and wool.

    Blossom Fairy Dolls. Handmade of cotton, wool, and silk with real leaf wings!

    A family of fairy dolls!

    Peppa Handmade Waldorf Dolls. This is Laura!

    Big Friend Waldorf Dolls. This is Sasha!

    Big Friend Waldorf Dolls. This is Cara!

    Fruit & Veggie Rattles made in Germany. Adorable! Organic Waldorf Baby Toys from Bella Luna Toys.

    Nanchen Guardian Angel Doll. Made from certified organic cotton and wool. Perfect first doll for baby!