Blossom Fairy Dolls. Handmade of cotton, wool, and silk with real leaf wings!

Handmade Felt Mermaid

Cloth Doll Handmade

I love these dolls!!! #dolls #handmade

Cloth doll Rag doll handmade retro one of a by lespetitesmainsS,

Blue Fairy Waldorf Kerchief Doll with skirt made of real silk, and wings made of real magnolia leaves. $29.95

handmade miniature cloth felt doll French inspired

Handmade Cuddle Baby Waldorf Doll from Bella Luna Toys. All natural cotton and wool.

Fairy doll house

Handmade fabric embroidered doll ESZTERDA Bambino by ESZTERDArte

Faye - Waldorf Fairy Doll is handmade in Germany of organic cotton and pure wool. 15" tall. From Bella Luna Toys.

Sleeping Fairy Baby Fabric and Felt Art Doll.


Bunny Necklace, Waldorf Baby Doll, Rabbit, Wearable Doll, Fall, Autumn, brown, antique white, Upcycled wool felt, eco toy

Organic Waldorf Boy Doll. This is Julian. Handmade in Germany of organic cotton and wool. From Bella Luna Toys.

Children Toy, Doll, Stuffed Doll Rag Doll, Superhero, Supergirl, Superwomen, Fabric Doll, Soft Doll, Handmade Doll, Plush Doll on Etsy, R$179,98

Heavy Baby Weighted Waldorf Doll. Filled with lavender-scented millet, this beautiful handmade doll has the weight and feel of a real baby! $134.95

Princess and the Pea Set by Manda. A handmade Princess doll with 10 handmade, quilted mini mattresses and tiny hand felted green Pea. How adorable!



Handmade linen fairy doll, Original design, 75cm tall, Beautiful in a child's room and sturdy for play