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Organic Waldorf Doll with Brown Braids, Red. Made in Germany. www.bellalunatoys.com

Nanchen Waldorf Girl Doll made in Germany. www.bellalunatoys.com

Waldorf Dress Up Doll, Boy, Brown Hair

Handmade Waldorf Boy Dress Up Doll made in Germany. From Bella Luna Toys www.bellalunatoys.com

Organic Waldorf Cuddle Baby Doll - Pink

All-Natural Organic Waldorf Baby Doll. So soft and sweet!

Organic Waldorf Doll with mohair braids made in a small workshop in Germany. Such a sweet face!

The smallest (and cutest!) Waldorf dolls ever! Pocket Baby Waldorf Dolls. Made in Europe. $8.95 each

Evi Waldorf Dress-Up Dolls, Girls