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Blue Clouds by Elizabeth Mitchell. Folk music to be enoyed by children and adults! www.bellalunatoys.com

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Strangers Again Wildflower http://www.amazon.com/dp/B012DXW5DQ/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_7Zb9vb0ZRWGVG

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These are all good quality albums with real music for you and your kids to enjoy – kids’ music that even adults love. Whether you are on a road trip, having music time, or just playing and hanging out there is something for everyone here. Family Music | Family Road Trip Music | Quality Kids Music | Gift Idea

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Cover for Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn

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Orff Arrangements - A collection of folk songs for Orff Instuments, recorder and voice.

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Rhythm - so important in the life of a child.. maybe something like this would help me keep Evie from going stir-crazy!

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A lovely list of fun chapter books to read together with your children...

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Music's Effect on Learning [infographic]

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A Mighty Girl’s music section features girl-empowering songs in a wide range of genres for all ages of Mighty Girls. Visitors can filter song selections by recommended age, genre, and theme, and there's also a special 'Notes to Parents' section for each entry discussing the song and video content. Embedded YouTube videos allow you to preview each song. Browse the full collection at http://www.amightygirl.com/music

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Kids Music: Teaching music in your homeschool

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Oh, the Places You'll Go signed every year by your child's teacher.

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50 Best Children's Books

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You Are My Sunshine by Elizabeth Mitchell - Age 3 and up - Elizabeth Mitchell's second album, "You Are My Sunshine" is a mixture of classic children's songs and Mitchell's original songs influenced by folk, rock, and gospel.

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Freebie: How to Teach Piano : Happy Birthday Easy Piano Free Music For Beginners

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Waldorf philosophies about a child's connection to nature.

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Catch the Moon- Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth Mitchell childrens' folk music- LOVE- would make a great gift

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Song of the Sea Pentatonic Harp. Beautiful to look at, beautiful to hold, beautiful to hear! $189.95

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Let's Play Music : Getting Started with teaching kids piano lessons at home

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Great list of wordless picture books to build your child's story-telling skills

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