Rose Play Canopy from Sarah's Silks.

Wonderful Waldorf preschool beds. How much fun would it be to have your own bed at school and that cool canopy over it???

lovely block area, Kindergarten Classroom, Green Meadow Waldorf School

love this waldorf style playroom


waldorf inspired. What a beautiful space. So soft and warm. Very inviting---in kid's room

A beautiful example of a nature corner for the classroom or home. The size and materials of the furniture, as well as the size of the decorations and their placement at child's eye level, makes this a great example of a prepared environment!

waldorf classroom

Beautiful Waldorf classroom.

Early Childhood Education and the Waldorf School Plan

Beneath the Rowan Tree: Inspired Waldorf Spaces :: Classroom Elements to Add to Your Home

Waldorf preschool classroom...beautiful natural light...

waldorf classroom

Myth Busting: how reading is *really* taught in Waldorf schools. I am so excited for Nora - she has a great grasp of phonetics and the tricky letters, and is on the cusp of independent reading heading into grade 2. So fun!

Waldorf classroom - love it.

couples room ceiling... from waldorf learning environments.

garden box in the classroom love this idea start seeds inside then I can move it outside in the summer

waldorf style. I love the "house" with the fabric and simple dividers.

Recommended by the Association for Waldorf Music Education

My favorite part: The documentation (upper left) which looks neither precious or polished. Documentation should be a living tool which helps students and teachers see thinking and figure out where to go next.