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Rose Play Canopy from Sarah's Silks.

Wonderful Waldorf preschool beds. How much fun would it be to have your own bed at school and that cool canopy over it???

love so much about this space...the box seating / storage and the stage / storage in the versatile and beautiful

Perfect example of well organized building materials. Here you have a great combination of natural wood blocks and loose parts from the environment with just the right amount of variety and quantity so as not to overwhelm and still encourage sharing and collaboration without limiting creativity and innovation.

Waldorf ~ 2nd grade ~ Math ~ Facts ~ Multiplication Wheel

What a beautiful 'home corner' at Seacoast Waldorf School (",)

from Bead&Cord

DIY Tutorial Office Accessories / Tin Can Pencil Holders

Tin Can Holders on a bar. Great idea to hold the stuff in that 'junk' drawer. Smaller cans for rubber bands, twist ties, candles....attach one can below the other for even more stuff! Also good for children to keep organization and where to find.....