Board game that gets children moving!

indoor scavenger hunt

Curvy board at A Toy Garden

Our Top 10 Family Board Games. Awesome review of ten wonderful family games that are fun for kids AND adults. Includes details on each games with ratings by both kids & parents. Such a great resource!

Hang board games on the play room wall (no glass front in frame) with a baggie on the back to hold pieces! Take down and play when you want! (This would be great in the basement)

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Big art projects are fun but everyday activities are simpler. How many of these 75 activities for 3 year olds have you done with your kids?

Simple gross motor activities for kids

Put basic financial lessons into practice with these strategies for teaching kids about earning and saving money.

Good prep for adulthood

Kids + Allowance: The 3-Way Split Trick *Love the Monday thing too...

Kitchen Skills by Age --- what tasks are appropriate for what age. Part of Kids Cooking Camp!

Love it.

Talking about school with the kids is sometimes like teeth pulling! Some tips and questions to ask your kids after a day at school to get an answer more than "I dunno"

10 Ways to Create a Healthy Amount of Screen Time

Decoding Everyday Kid Behaviors | An Extensive list in Alphabetical order of troubling kid behaviors. AWESOME Parenting Resource

Simple Ideas to Raise Creative and Innovative Kids