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Summer_verse: The great sun is rising above the green hill, His golden light gleaming on meadow and rill, He shines on the flowers, they wake one by one, And spread out their petals to greet the great sun. They dance in the sunshine to greet the bright day. They dance in the sunshine so blithe and so gay. The violets all curtsey, the bluebells ring sweet. The daisies twirl round in their skirts white and neat.

The Artful Parentfrom The Artful Parent

Flower Petal Stained Glass Door :: A Spring Flower Craft

Flower petal faux stained glass front door - Made with flower petals and contact paper

Lovely bedtime verse ****** A star for you to wish on, A sun so warm and bright, A moon for you to sleep on, Happy dreams, A kiss goodnight.

Gorgeous, grounded play area. Just right. Everything in its place and a place for everything. And notice how they are 'put away' in a way that invites play. So different than a toy box full of stuff. This shelf is a story waiting to be played. -Angelina


Wind Branch

Weben am Ast Super: in den Wald gehen, Astgabel suchen und evtl sogar draussen weben!

Sun print on fabric without sun print chemicals or kits just use fabric paint! Cool! Must do this now that the sun is super shining and hot even with the little monsters....

Ozark Pagan Mammafrom Ozark Pagan Mamma

Sun Medallions

Sun medallions for summer solstice treasure hunt. Make little drawstring bags out of sun-print fabric.