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This is one half of a feature about how being disorganized costs you money, and what you can do about it. Read "5 Reasons Clutter Costs You Cash"  Before you get started on any organization project, it’s important to visualize how you want your space to look and to fully understand how [...]

This post contains my referral link which helps support the work of this site. Here’s my full disclosure policy. Using Little House on the Prairie in You

Children who have not had the joy of learning turned into the chore of lessons and homework, are naturally drawn to finding out whatever their mind desires, to living in the flow of their learning. And parents of unschoolers are always on the lookout for things that might be of interest to their child, or that they think might be helpful for the child to know. The child lives with their eyes, ears, hearts and hands wide open to the world around them

FREE Atmospheric Lesson Ideas~ This atmospheric layer balloon uses both permanent and dry erase markers. There are also links to videos and other great ideas for teaching related concepts. This mom blogger at "CCing it one day at a time..." has lots of other great, creative ideas that can be adapted for classroom use!

what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Because now I remember who "me" was, is, and will be.

made out of stars you and I...and you, and you.....and you too!

you are an adventure story•*¨*•¸.♪♥♫♥♫♥MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS & WISHES COME TRUE! :) .♪♥♫♥♫♥.•*¨*•¸HUGS N GIGGLES N MANY BLESSINGS.♪♥♫♥♫♥.•*¨*•

Typography print subway art Dreams for your boy A2 by HarperGrace, $49.95

Top 25 Inspirational Quotes Of The Week

Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.

you're not the same individual you were a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago. you're always growing. experiences don't stop. that's life