[VIDEO] Sarah Proposes a Weekly Candle Hour for Families

Carried Family: Waldorf Rhythm How-to for Beginners

Screen Free Week: My Family's Experience Pulling the Plug waldorf teacher Sarah Baldwin

colors of the week candles

Weekly rhythm

weekly rhythm

Sarah Baldwin | Moonchild Blog | Writings on childhood, creative play, Waldorf toys and parenting

Sarah Baldwin | Moonchild Blog | Writings on childhood, creative play, Waldorf toys and parenting - Part 4

Advent ~ Week Four: The Light of Humankind ~ Star Child ~ wool

Kim John Payne "Tweens and Discipline" - 1.5 hour lecture

One family's Waldorf schedule: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly: Following the Sun, not the clock! — Neens Reverie

I love this question for family meeting!!! Gives us family goals for a week!

Winter ~ Twelve Nights ~ Setting Intentions ~ What's Working? ~ "By focusing on the ways our family works right now, we’ve been able to unearth powerful anchors in our days and weeks from which to build new behaviors and routines upon."

Last Friday we started talked about mindful parenting (specifically 4 powerful mantras for families) and I promised we’d be back with more helpful stuff this week. Before we delve into a few more things that have worked for our family this week, I wanted to take today to remind you guys of the entire series we …

What a great round up of picture books with families with LGBT family members.

▶ Rachel Ross, M.Ed. - Adventures in Parenting Workshop - YouTube

Weekly activity rhythm . . . structure with so much flexibility works for this busy family of 5! We keep aprons on hand, and a cardboard portfolio for each child for each year. Right now we have a preK art one for my Mitte and a 6th Grade work one for my Ältest. They are cheap and hold so much!

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Strategies Waldorf teacher training video

Waldorf Schooling Does Not Rush Childhood - Janet Smith - YouTube

Fall 2014 (September-December) Homeschool Planner for Two Children in the Grades - written by a Christopherus homeschooling parent