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I make students feel smart. I make them feel accomplished and like they can become something. I make them feel ashamed of inappropriate, harmful, or hurtful behavior. I make them feel things to help them through life. Another reason I love teaching.

from An Everyday Story

Teach the Way They Learn: Changing our Teaching Style

REPIN: There is not one way to learn or teach. When planning instruction, it's imperative the educator takes into consideration all student's needs and ability levels. To reach each student's learning style and needs, it's important instruction is differentiated, providing all student's access to the general education curriculum.


Time Out Tuesday!

Teaching Quote

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Rita Pierson's Funny and Inspiring TED Talk

"Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be." -Rita Pierson #RitaPierson #TedTalksEducation #quote

every student can learn- i want this in my classroom as a reminder for myself to be patient

from The Cornerstone

5 things I wish I knew as a beginning teacher about working with adults

Good Advice for New Teachers

So true! If you don't love to teach or learn, your students won't have a love for learning either! Glad I LOVE teaching and LOVE learning! :)