This is so very, very true!

So true!

I can't be more proud of my children! They are all brilliant, hard working, happy and healthy. Although, over-protective and somewhat strict at times (not one gave a thought to running away ;), we've always had great communication and a wonderful relationship... I am truly blessed! <3 <3 <3


son quotes from mom | Greatest Mother and Son Love Story Ever Told.... isn't that the truth!!!

Next time the screaming and crying drive you to wonder if you will ever survive, remember these words.

daughter :)

very true

So true

Love. Too perfect!

So true....

such a cute lil thing


I need to read this every single day! The older my son gets, the more I realize how much I am going to miss these baby/toddler years once they are over. I love watching him grow up but selfishly, I just wish he would stay my baby forever!


YES!!! I have been trying to explain this but HE JUST WONT LISTEN.


;') So true.

Very true