“Rising Jellyfish” by Josef Gelernter #jelly-fish #ocean life #Dorothy Allen #The Maven Of Social Influence http://www.dorothy-allen.com

Feather starfish. Looks almost unreal

Hanging lamps created by California-based designer Roxy Russell from the collection "Medusae"

Jellyfish #putdownyourphone #nature #Dream_Underwater_World #water #beauty #Ocean #ocean_life #sea_life

lovely jellyfish


Jellyfish VII Photograph - ocean sea orange blue water tranquil peaceful art print home decor photo photography Like this.

Jelly fish

Spanish dancer jellyfish

by tetsuro kawabe

Deep sea worm

some sea creatures are just amazing!

This is just amazing.

Green Sea Turtle eating Jellyfish – Dimakya, Philippines


Jellyfish by vanveelen


Jelly fish by Russian underwater photographer Alexander Semenov asif things like this exist.. amazing

Jellyfish by Joseph Jackino http://fineartamerica.com/featured/jellyfish-joseph-jackino.html

Neon pink jellyfish