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    • lori fernandez

      The ocean has some of the coolest looking animals. Jellyfish never cease to amaze me #nature #ocean #jellyfish

    • Linda Perkins

      Jelly fish. Samuel Greenberg Jellyfish have roamed the seas for at least 500 million years, and possibly 700 million years or more, making them the oldest multi-organ animal !! Please Share Sun Gazing Photographer: Josef Gelernter

    • Nancy Witt Gaxiola

      Some-kinda Jellyfish (whatcha macallit) ~ Miks' Pics "Sea Life lll" board~are jellyfish considered animals? /:=)

    • Jane Moon

      There's a sealife outdoor museum in Newport, Oregon that has a fantastic jellyfish exhibit. They are beautiful!

    • Alora Price

      deep ocean creatures | Deep Sea Creatures | Jellyfish pictures<< This is so beautiful. Why cant other's see that?

    • Amy Herrera

      “Rising Jellyfish” by Josef Gelernter #jelly-fish #ocean life #Dorothy Allen #The Maven Of Social Influence #best #meditative #ocean #animals #interesting #beautiful #things

    • Hari Palta, Ph.D.

      Jellyfish are free-swimming marine animals with a gelatinous umbrella-shaped bell and trailing tentacles. The bell can pulsate for locomotion, while stinging tentacles can be used to capture prey. Jellyfish are without brains, central nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system or eyes (though some do have light-sensitive cells) and have been around for 500 million years. Jellyfish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea. A few jellyfish inhabit fresh water.

    • Keva Fraser Mullins

      deep ocean creatures | Deep Sea Creatures | Jellyfish pictures. "Repinned by Keva xo".

    • Marlee Honcoop

      deep ocean creatures | Deep Sea Creatures | Jellyfish pictures beautiful!

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    The pistol shrimp competes with much larger animals like the Sperm Whale and Beluga Whale for the title of ‘loudest animal in the sea’. It is distinctive for its disproportionately large claw, (larger than half the shrimp’s body) which does not have pincers at the end. A joint allows the “hammer” part to move backward into a cocking position like a gun. When released, it snaps into the other part of the claw, creating a cavitation bubble capable of stunning fish and breaking small glass jars.

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    Psychedelic jellyfish known as a Portuguese man-o-war. Amazing!


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    Did you know that there is a jellyfish that is immortal? And that they are quietly invading the world’s oceans? it ages backwards. scientific name: Turritopsis dohrnii

    some sea creatures are just amazing!

    Nicholas Samaras ( Amazing, can look at this for a long time & never lose interest.

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