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    Some-kinda Jellyfish (whatcha macallit) ~ Miks' Pics "Sea Life lll" board @

    Feather starfish. Looks almost unreal

    lovely jellyfish

    Beautiful Jellyfish has the unique colors of the flowers and the ocean water. This beautiful creature is floating in the ocean near their home.

    A new favorite creature in space + everyplace- Tardigrade! 'This little critter is known as a water bear or a #Tardigrade. In 2008 they were the first #animal demonstrated to be able to survive the vacuum of space. They are virtually indestructible survive being blasted w radiation, intense pressures & years of desiccation. Specimens were launched into #space by Swedish scientists & they returned unharmed after 8 days. #microscopic #microbiota #survivor #creature #curiosity #strange #weird

    Created by California-based Roxy Russell, the Medusae Collection is a series of four pendant lamps designed to look like freshwater jellyfish. The lights are made from polyester mylar and measure nearly three feet in height.

    Spotted Jelly

    by tetsuro kawabe


    Jellyfish - science illustration

    jellyfish, Sumbawa, Indonesia--Kevin Lee

    Portuguese Man of War Jellyfish



    Jelly fish

    Jellyfish VII Photograph - ocean sea orange blue water tranquil peaceful art print home decor photo photography.

    jellyfish ♡ They are such amazing little creatures.


    lion mane’s jellyfish

    Orca Whales, Photograph by David Attenborough. Spy hopping - A form of cetacean behavior that consists of rising vertically out of the water, head first, and scanning the entire surrounding area while rotating. Via SASHA

    Spanish dancer jellyfish