Lucky to have 2 daughters & 3 granddaughters:)

Great gift to give to those special grandparents in your life!! ~SIZE~ Jpeg image!! Will be emailed to you. Will come as an 8x10 jpeg. If you would

'Spending time with children is more important than spending money on children.' by Anthony Douglas Williams, sun-gazing #Kids

These are the things you can't recover.

Respect each other for the sake of the innocent children.

For all my children

If I Could Give You One Thing In Life. It's nice to take the time to tell others how you see them. Then they can love themselves more or decide to grow.

That's Me...Hopefully!

:) everyone should be able to feel that way

Don't judge me... :)

Being a Mom is Hard - Quotes to Get You Through | Yes, being a mom is hard, but isn't it worth it to see our children grow and succeed? Isn't there a great feeling at the end of the day knowing you've taug

good reminder...

: )


So important to remember.

The miracle of children!


On Raising Children....

Something to remember.