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    Storytelling with Children. Nancy Mellon offers simple ideas to help parents and teachers uncover all the stories living inside you waiting to be told! $24.95

    Get your kids telling stories { the kind you want them to tell not the stories about who may or may not have put a watch in the toilet } 20 fantastic storytelling activities for kids

    Story Stones are a Creative Way to Tell Stories and Also Offer Sensory Play Experience. Learn How to Make Story Stones and Use them to Facilitate Storytelling - driven by the kids themselves.

    Waldorf ~ Resource ~ Storytelling & the Art of Imagination - Nancy Mellon

    family walks + storytelling = walking stories

    The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human - by Jonathan Gottschall is a fantastic read about the perpetual story craving and creating that humans imbibe in constantly. Humans need stories to help us figure out life. And story is everywhere. This is not just about reading stories; it’s about seeing and listening to stories, as well.

    Tell great stories for kids! "Five special storytelling methods to make everyone Stop & Listen" will help you become a better storyteller!

    Playful storytelling with a story prop basket

    story apron

    Story Cards - 52 Picture Prompts for Storytelling

    Cute Story telling printable dice by Happythought! Click here to download printablepaperpro...

    5 Story Stones Ideas :: Storytelling with Rocks

    Inside Out Video Clips to teach feelings and emotions

    Story Bag: Simple kids activity to increase creative thinking and storytelling skills. My kids love this easy to make activity!

    using story telling cards: kids make cards of character, setting, problem, object; remind them of having a beginning, middle, and end; let them pick 4 cards and tell a story. Mount each of four categories on different color background. Store in jello box.

    50+ Storytelling Ideas - includes story starters, activities, tips and more great ideas for telling stories!

    How Would You Feel is a wonderful resource for children. This activity book provides ideas and lessons to help children understand and learn about their feelings and emotions. This is a great resource for counselors, parents, special education students, or the general education classroom. #teach #social

    Story theme: Telling Stories Outside One of the reasons we tell stories to young children is to help them connect to the world around them, their family life, community life, and very importantly, the natural world. I like to use nature as my puppet stage, and summer is a wonderful, colorful season to inspire your storytelling outside. You can adapt this month's story to your own area's landscape. What do you find in a meadow of wildflowers there? You can easily change the 'view' or the village of flowers to suit what you have before you. Use your ladybug puppet to bring the visual movement to the tale. The children will forever more see a field of flowers in a new light. Model wonder!

    A wonderful project for helping children connect to their community and develop a strong sense of place...

    Learning how to tell stories is a key skill for writing books, publicizing books, social sharing, and marketing books. Readers respond to stories. #books #ebooks #bookmarketingtip

    Family Storytelling - Both sharing family history stories and telling fun bedtime stories - are SO great for your kids! Love all of these ideas and research as to why and how to do it.