teaching knitting verse ~ "Under the root, around the dome, catch a Tomten, bring him home"

Knitting triangles

What All The Bind-Offs Look Like: A Bind-Off Extravaganza

Knitting Tote ~free pattern


Waldorf schools have been in the U.S. since 1928 and are currently the fastest growing independent educational movement in the world. The Waldorf school philosophy believes in teaching children through experiences and creative teaching techniques, eschewing testing and more traditional grading systems because they don’t view testing as a productive teaching method. A typical Waldorf...

Wicked fast! Re: Crochet an i-cord tutorial

blog handwork for kids waldorf here http://waldorfhandwork.blogspot.com/ patterns verses etc.. more here http://themysticalkingdom.blogspot.com/2011/07/some-handwork-verses.html video of the story and more verses http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMQr_nLn4FM

Nordic Knitting- this book is in japanese and english, and shows 7 knitting techniques from nordic countries.

yarn by O-Wool

Handmade wooden knitting needles from pruning wood by Wieteke Opmeer

Soft blue

Knitting Increases

How to Russian Join Yarn Ends in 7 Easy Steps

Teach Yourself To Knit with five easy videos

child's handwork kit

Figure eight stitch on an Authentic Knitting Board Tadpole loom. Creates a lovey double sided fabric - cross stitch on one side and stockinette on the other. The yarn is Misty Alpaca Hand Painted Chunky in Pico. by MarylinJ

If you can do a gauge swatch, you can make these wristers! You just knit a square piece with a bit of ribbing then sew up the side leaving a hole for your thumb. Voila!

New Twirl Petals yarn colors!

free knitting pattern- knit and felt wool slippers - Tutorial