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This is a video of Waldorf Handwork Teachers demonstrating how to cast on and knit to the a 1st grade class using a song/rhyme. Cast on: "In through the front door run around the back peak through the window, let go, Jack grows and jumps on the stack." Knitting: "In through the front door run around back, peak through the window and off jumps Jack!"

▶ How to Knit - Cast On Beginner (with closed captions) - Good Knit Kisses YouTube video channel. Slow and easy to follow. She also has loom knit videos!

Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Handwork ~ Rainbow Ball ~ Case on 14 stitches. Knit 3 ribs/6 rows per color in garter stitch. Put yarn needle through the top and pull. This will gather it. Sew it up, stuff it and put a bell in the middle.

"Tired word wall" where kids go grab synonyms to use in their writing instead of the "tired words"...Great idea!

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how to finger knit

Waldorf ~ Kindergarten ~ Handwork ~ Finger Knitting ~ story & verses ~ ~ video of story & more verses ~

simple knit bunny for 1st grade handwork - I am so excited to teach the boys to knit, I can hardly see straight. :)

An Open Letter to Students Returning to School by John Green | A great video to show middle school and high school students on the first week of school.

Helix Knitting-this knitting technique demonstrates how to knit with various colours in the round on circular needles without creating a jog.Excellent for knitting socks.

A most power explaination of knitting!!! A short film of Renate Hiller talking about the importance of handwork (knitting, etc.) in the modern world. Renate is the co-director of the Fiber Craft Studio at the Threefold Educational Center in Chestnut Ridge, NY.