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    This is a video of Waldorf Handwork Teachers demonstrating how to cast on and knit to the a 1st grade class using a song/rhyme. Cast on: "In through the front door run around the back peak through the window, let go, Jack grows and jumps on the stack." Knitting: "In through the front door run around back, peak through the window and off jumps Jack!"

    Waldorf: Knitting

    how to clay waldorf video

    before learning to knit, 1st grade, make knitting needles together. tutorial here.

    Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Handwork ~ Rainbow Ball ~ Case on 14 stitches. Knit 3 ribs/6 rows per color in garter stitch. Put yarn needle through the top and pull. This will gather it. Sew it up, stuff it and put a bell in the middle.

    7 tips how to teach kids to knit and crochet

    Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Movement

    Dutch Girls Knitting. I learned how to knit in 2nd grade in school in Holland. It was part of our class schedule.

    Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Crayon Drawing ~ part 2

    Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Handwork ~ Knitting Verse ~ In through the front door, Run around the back Back through the window And off jumps Jack.

    Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Form Drawing ~ chalkboard drawing


    the simple knit bunny for 1st or 2nd grade handwork

    1st grade ~ Handwork ~ Casting On story

    Teaching children how to knit in the Waldorf method (in case Kaulini needs pointers)

    Waldorf - making your own waldorf items. A quick overview of waldorf toys that you can make at home easily.

    Waldorf ~ 1st grade ~ Handwork ~ Teaching children how to knit ~ verse ~ waldorfhandwork.b...

    GREAT video for students about the power of a bystander being an "upstander." get clip & the kids really do get it. 2 minutes. Wow! Powerful!

    Waldorf Color Theory video: Why and how Waldorf schools paint their classrooms the way they do.

    Waldorf curriculum through the grades

    teach kids how to knit