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Organic Bunny Rabbit Warming Pillow made in Germany. Filled with natural cherry stones. So soft and cozy!

White Nicki Baby Angel Doll. Soft as a cloud. A perfect first doll for a baby or toddler! $24.95

Soft Cotton Rainbow Ball. Natural cotton, stuffed with wool. Made in Germany. From Bella Luna Toys. $19.95

Hardwood Teether. Handcrafted in Maine and finished with organic beeswax. From Bella Luna Toys. $10.95

Hardwood Cherry Teether Rattle. Handmade in Maine for Bella Luna Toys. $17.95

A shaker, a grasper and a teething toy in one, this Wooden Fish Rattle is filled with tiny, semi-precious stones that make a gentle rattling sound. Beautiful in its simplicity! $22.95

Solvej Baby/Toddler Swing - Soft Linen. Made in New Zealand. Beautiful craftsmanship! For children 6 mos to 6 years.

Arf! Arf! Organic Cotton Plush Puppy Dog. Stuffed with lambswool, made in Germany. $59.95

Organic Cotton Gray Donkey. Handmade in Germany and stuffed with pure lambswool. Adorable! $59.95

Organic Cotton Teddy Bear made in Germany. Stuffed with pure lambswool. As safe as it is charming! $59.95

Organic Cotton Plush Horse, handmade in Germany. Filled with pure lambswool. Charming! $59.95

Kinderkram Wooden Music Box - Peter's Trip. Hand carved in Poland. Plays "Mozart's Lullaby." Unique gift for an infant or baby shower! $54.95

Solvej Baby/Toddler Swing, made in New Zealand. www.bellalunatoys...

Organic Rattle Doll - Peapod!

Fruit & Veggie Rattles made in Germany. Adorable! Organic Waldorf Baby Toys from Bella Luna Toys.

Nanchen Guardian Angel Waldorf Doll. Organic cotton Perfect first doll for baby!

Love the branches Kinderkram Wooden Baby Mobile - Flower Fairy

HABA Trix - Clutching Toy

Solvej Baby-Toddler Swing. Made in New Zealand. To use indoors or out! $219.95

Organic Brown Bunny Rabbit handmade in Germany. Soft and adorable!

Organic Brown Hedgehog

Organic Sleepy Lamb Warming Pillow. Covered in certified organic cotton and filled with natural cherry stones. When gently warmed, will soothe babies and toddlers. Made in Germany. $49.95

Organic Cotton Beige Teddy Bear. Handmade in Germany, stuffed with lambswool. So cute and cuddly! $49.95

Vermont Maple Wooden Baby Rattle. Elegant, heirloom-quality gift for a new baby. $24.95

Charming Brown Bunny Rabbit handmade in Germany. Organic cotton filled with pure lambswool. Stunningly beautiful! $49.95