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How to Clean Beeswax Crayons

Beeswax Candle Steps

Illustrate elements of art on wood sticks.

How to Clean Beeswax Crayons

things to do with sticks and leaves

great post on grade 1 language block rhythm | WillywamWhimsy : April 2015: Grade One Language Block (Letter B, Letter D, Letter P), and Easter Celebration

Free Printable Shadow Puppets -

Make your own beeswax crayons - must give this a go, as the girls have just lost half a box of Stockmar crayons >:(

Recycled Dinosaur Crayons - pretty sure I will need this at one time or another in my life!

How to Build a Simple Shadow Puppet Theater (with simple foam stickers) #kids #play

Little Acorn Learning: Waldorf Kindergarten Field Trip walnut shell, melted beeswax crayon and stick to hold the sail

great style of roll up. could be used for more than brushes.

I like this version of the crayon resist.--First draw the spider and then the web with crayons. Be sure to heavily color the head, body and legs. To finish, paint the entire picture with water colors. The paint will not stick the colored crayon areas on the picture.

Blocks vs. Stick Crayons in Waldorf Education. Which are best for young children?

michaelmas verse

paint can trick-- rubber band! I need to remember this!

Homemade stain remover

Make your own SOY crayons for little hands. Easy Glide color!

DIY Crayon Hot Rocks

recycling program for crayons