Coloring With Block Crayons - Book. Learn to draw magical Waldorf pictures and teach the technique yourself with only 3 block crayons in the primary colors! $29.95

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First Book of Knitting for Children, from the Waldorf book collection!

3 free festive printables - a challenging'modern art' coloring activity for kids of all ages

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Single color wet-on-wet watercolor painting is a wonderful way for young children to learn about and experience color. It is a process art technique used and taught in Waldorf education in schools and homes all over the world. When finished your beautiful creations can be made into cards and other crafts.

A List of the Best Waldorf Books Ever - // I have alot of these but not all. What a great collection. Thank you, Magic Onions. com.

Loved the pic - and then recognized that it's a Waldorf school. Pic leads to a good site about Waldorf education.

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