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Gallery of Drawings | Chalkboard Drawings in the Waldorf Classroom (like the idea of rainbow-colored notes for music learning)

The Teaching of Natural Science and First Lessons about Plants found here www.waldorflibrar...

Jonah poem,continued: Part 2, Judith P. Robertson: "I understand the impulse, I do,/ The voices in my head telling me/ That any smallholding—even one at the end of a winding windpipe/ So black no sky could squeak through,/ then opening up/ To a bright intestinal tract situated some miles out of town,/ (With a bright white door and a baleen stoop/ Marked by clumps of seaweed)—/ Beats a future of dust and gravel,/ Limbs falling and hungry eyes flicking in the rain./

chalkboard drawings on of the things that draws me to Waldorf education--the beautiful care of the spirit of the child through art and stories

Chalkboard Drawings in the Waldorf Classroom

Waldorf ~ 5th grade ~ Ancient India ~ Title Page ~ Lotus Flower Mandala ~ chalkboard drawing

Chalkboard Drawings in the Waldorf Classroom

Illustration for an original story 'Red, the Fox Squirrel' :: Autumn Setting by A.Stovall

Waldorf ~ 6th grade ~ Roman History ~ chalkboard drawing

Age 12 ~ Roman History ~ Roman Soldier ~ chalkboard drawing

Age 12 ~ Geometric Drawing ~ Concentric Circles ~ main lesson book