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Teen Internet Addiction Infographic

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Internet Addiction: Is This Online Disorder Real? [Infographic]

This is kind of scary... Internet Addiction: Is This Online Disorder Real? [Infographic]

Internet addiction

Internet addiction
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How the Internet Might Be Bad for Your Health (Infographic)

Internet addiction

Most Common Addictions Infographic: Is Everyone Addicted to Something? #addiction

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Internet Addiction: Are You Suffering From This Disorder

~ Internet Addiction: Are You Suffering From This Disorder ~ #online_addict #internet_addict #Internet_addiction

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Is Too Much Tech Bad for the Modern Teenager? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is tech saturation good or bad for the modern teenager? Arguments can be made either way, but there's no debating that today's teens are more wired than ever.

Is Internet Addiction Affecting Our Minds? Infographic

The Science of Habit: Popular Habits vs. Popular Addictions #Infographic

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'Selfie' body image warning issued

'Selfie' body image warning issued on social media can help see yourself in a negative and harmful way. This article shows how body image, facial beauty and other self perceptions can be harmed due to unrealistic ideals on social media.

internet safety

internet safety

internet safety

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Internet Addiction Infographic Raises Awareness

Internet Addiction Infographic: Too much time on the internet could change the structure of your brain #InternetAddiction #homeschool


Infographic: Who's the Bigger Web Addict, Men or Women?

Internet Addicts Men Versus Women

Interesting #infographic that survey's the lifestyle priorities for men and women that have an internet addiction.

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Nearly Half of Teen Internet Users Have Lied About Their Age [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social networking is more popular than ever — that’s why many teens want to get in on the action and will even lie about their age to do so. According to a recent study, 44% of teens have lied about how old they are online to access sites with age restrictions. More than three-quarters of today’s teens (76%) ages 12 to 17 use social networks. This ZoneAlarm infographic takes a look at just what teens are doing online and finds, among other things, that they are not being nice.

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Why Teens Need a Blog

Why Your Homeschool Teen Needs a Blog |

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Homeschool Teens Have a Sleep Advantage

Help Teens Get the Sleep They Need | Parenting Tips For Raising Successful Kids |