Classic Kid's Red Metal Bucket - Sand Pail. Made in Germany of enameled steel. $15.95

Roots, Shoots, Buckets. Fun activities to do with children in the garden. $13.95

Child's Mop. $19.95

Wooden Play Kitchen $199.95

Kid's Gardening Gloves. REAL work gloves with leather palms. Fit most children, ages 4 to 9. $6.95

Boat sandbox!

Kid's Gardening Hand Tool - Trowel. Stainless steel blade with wooden handle and leather strap for hanging. A real tool for children, that will not rust, bend or break! $12.95

Add a little zip to your backyard play! Skyline Zipline Kit. $99.95

Kids Chalkboard with Waldorf colored Blackboard Chalk and wooden-handled eraser. $28.95

Outdoor Kid Space

Kids Love This One: Grow A Fairy Garden Ring --

Sunflower House. Kids can play in once the sunflowers grow tall.

Colored painted rocks

Outdoor Scales

The kids at work would love this!

Rocker Boards | Wooden Balance Boards | Waldorf Toys

Wood Toys

Vintage Wooden Animal Miniatures

Children & Nature: Being Active in Nature makes Kids Healthier

I wish I could have this for my home visits!!!! I love the balance board! I have seen it used in a Pre K setting and the children LOVED it. Play some soothing music and the children just sway back and forth and learn how to was awesome. #Waldorf #Toys #Kids

Felt Crayon Roll - Flowers Crayon Holder - I love makes plain ol crayons look like an artists pallet!