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      How to Use Waldorf Modeling Beeswax - A Video Tutorial with Sarah Baldwin, Waldorf teacher and owner of Bella Luna Toys

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      Sarah Baldwin | Moonchild Blog | Writings on childhood, creative play, Waldorf toys and parenting

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    Magical Wonder Tales: King Beetle Tamer and Other Stories by Isabel Wyatt. A classic Waldorf chapter book!

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    Waldorf Math Cards - Set of 64 Additional Numbers bring imagination and joy to learning!

    How to Use Waldorf Modeling Beeswax - A Video Tutorial with Sarah Baldwin, Waldorf teacher and owner of Bella Luna Toys

    [VIDEO] Waldorf Homeschooling Part 2: Learning to Let Go

    [VIDEO] Waldorf Homeschooling: How to Choose a Curriculum

    Kids Chalkboard with Waldorf colored Blackboard Chalk and wooden-handled eraser. $28.95

    Homeschooling Preschoolers: Life is the Curriculum! by Sarah Baldwin, M.S.Ed.

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    Learning math, Waldorf style. Math cards available from

    Homeschooling Preschoolers: Life is the Curriculum "When I am asked by homeschoolers interested in Waldorf education to recommend a curriculum for their 3- to 6-year olds, I tell them, “Relax! Life is the curriculum for the young child.”

    Waldorf ~ 1st 2nd grades ~ Circle ~ Games Songs

    Storytelling with Children. Nancy Mellon offers simple ideas to help parents and teachers uncover all the stories living inside you waiting to be told! $24.95

    Article on the wearing of an apron in the Waldorf . I've always worn one and I agree with her once it's on it feels like now I'm ready to work.