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I wanted to give another heads up about these videos. They are fantastic I learned so much. I don't think anyone else offers anything like this. Basically you are sitting in with Waldorf teachers as they are being trained by a master teacher. Just watching how he taught was enlightening. It made wish so badly I could go to Waldorf school myself. LOL

TUTORIAL!!! Free DIY directions to make your own gnomes! These are made using the largest peg people it seems. The LINKS to each gnome is at almost the BOTTOM of the blog page, past the adorable photo's of the baby playing with them :). Just look for the names of each gnome and click :)

Waldorf Homeschooling Learning to Let Go this is an excellent talk. How to mix Waldorf and homeschool by Waldorf teacher Sarah Baldwin. She taught at Waldorf schools and homeschooled her children so she has a lot of insight.

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how to finger knit

Waldorf ~ Kindergarten ~ Handwork ~ Finger Knitting ~ story & verses ~ ~ video of story & more verses ~

Homemade beeswax wood polish for wooden Waldorf toys - made some myself following this excellent recipe and it turned out great!

This is a video of Waldorf Handwork Teachers demonstrating how to cast on and knit to the a 1st grade class using a song/rhyme. Cast on: "In through the front door run around the back peak through the window, let go, Jack grows and jumps on the stack." Knitting: "In through the front door run around back, peak through the window and off jumps Jack!"