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Block Crayon Tutorial Series: Level 4 - Borders - Skills covered in this video set include: Simple thick borders, thick borders with rounded edges, shaded borders of one color, shaded borders with two color layers, thick borders with two separate colors, borders which include form-drawing, thin borders with two distinct colors, borders with mirror image forms, borders with shading and blending, borders that integrate a curriculum theme. Price: $20.00 (on sale from $25.00!)


Teeter Popper

Teeter Popper: The Name Says It All. Pop And Rock While Sitting, Standing, Twisting, Wobbling And More.

I wanted to give another heads up about these videos. They are fantastic I learned so much. I don't think anyone else offers anything like this. Basically you are sitting in with Waldorf teachers as they are being trained by a master teacher. Just watching how he taught was enlightening. It made wish so badly I could go to Waldorf school myself. LOL