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  • Kara Shaaw

    When Simon and I got married five years ago, I couldn't imagine a time when I wouldn't think the sun rose and set in his dark brown eyes. But five years down the line, when I've had a long day with...

  • Heather Craig

    How to Fall in Love with Your Husband | Great Smitten

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Ive pinned this before but as I keep reading I thought I'd make sure none of you missed it. GREAT info about marriage, sex, body image, ect. Follow this link but stop by the home page too to see what's going on there now. Great blog with lots of info on marriage from a Christian perspective.

it says praying for your husband but read these verses for yourself too. I would challenge Christian women to begin praying these for the man you are dating in order to prepare yourself to be the wife God desires you to be! :-)

Seven Names to Call your Husband to help him be a Better Father ~ AJ Collins commented on this post to her blog: "I think it's easier to be critical than it is to be encouraging. Take a few moments today to figure out how you can show your husband how much you appreciate all he does and is for your family, and for you as his wife."

fall in love with the constant feeling of being anchored to someone who makes the crash of the waves bearable, SOMEONE WHO MAKES YOU STRONGER

When You Fall For Someone's Personality Everything About Them Becomes Beautiful

Oh, yeah....such truth in this!! Just gotta dig in your heels and ride the rough times through until you fall in love...and you will -deeper & stronger than before!!! E

{Love Builds a Happy Home Print by Wondercloud Design} Very sweet....

Canvi destació! i... Llimonada! / Cambio de estación! y... Limonada! - Entre núvols de cotó

Praying for this moment in my life. @Robynn Oglesby Girlfriend! We will find our Bearded tattoo boys soon. LOL ;)

Ohhh you better believe if I have a child with a fall birthday this will be happening! Wish my mom would've done it with my October birthday!

Text: There is a lot being said about renewed feminism these days. Let's be clear. Loving your husband does not make you weak." -Fawn Weaver