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Linda meu bem!!! Procura uma pra você. A vida é curta e precisa ser vivida. Agora só na próxima sexta ou tem alguém na agenda??? Você é o cara que nasceu para todas as emoções ... bj bj bj. Muitos beijos só que não é mais na boca.

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2015 Top 6 Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Blonde Girls Buy & DIY. In recent few seasons, Ombre hair color is no doubt becoming more popular. It obviously has been the Nouveau Chic of many hair designers, frequently seen in fashionREAD


Cut and color. But i doubt i'd ever do this to my hair, cutting it THAT short AND dying it cotton candy pink? But so pretty though!

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18 ideias de cabelos coloridos para diferentes tons de pele

Open with Quinn.) I was hopping through different dreams, I probably shouldn't have been but, I was anyway. Each dream I was different, according to each person. This dream was, off. Like someone had taken all colors and just flipped the switch. I kinda liked it... I decided to stay in this one a bit longer, or at least find the dreamer.

pretty girls with pretty hair. The chances of these people being feminists due to the abnormally colorful hair disturbs me. Not saying all dyed hair women are that but there are a lot of that dream hair

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demi lovato aka my idol forever with gorgeous red hair. There are few people who can rock every hair color, especially this one but Demi can wear anything and rock it like no other! I love this girl so much!

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Emerald green hair- I love the color. I wish I was committed enough to pull off rainbow hair.

I love the orange streaks in this! I would love to do this one day, but I don't think I'm brave enough.

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