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  • Britny Graves

    Actually, a friend paused his video game to open the door for me... and he lost the game. #FriendZoned

  • Becky Neeley

    true story.

  • Alexandria Segura

    So true. Or if he responds to you at all while playing video games for that this is so funny guess we are getting married

  • Diana Nau

    funny quote guy pauses video game to text on imgfave

  • Emily Ellison

    Kevin pauses his video games for me. true love folks.

  • Sarah Preston

    Haha.. didn't know whether to put this is words of wisdom or funny stuff!

  • Geneva Willis

    Oh, shut up. If your man is addicted to video games and you don't like him playing them break up and date a guy who likes what you like and let him find a gamer girl. ((Pinning for the comment!))

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