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  • Amanda Chavira

    Links to a tutorial for DIY Adult Size Bean Bag Chair - would be great for a teen's room - personalize with sports team or other interests.

  • Linda Brown

    how to make your own bean bag chair from scrap fabric. Great idea for kids- or for the big kid inside all of us!

  • Hannah Cade

    I gonna make a bean bag chair! free bean bag pattern (children and adult)

  • Rachel Burner

    DIY beanbag chair! (also has link to child size bean bag chair)

  • Katie Hawley

    bean bag chair cover tutorial - search for michael miller fabrics bean bag tutorial

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Rollie Pollie! DIY bean bags - it'd be nice to have one of these for each kid so they'd stop jumping on my couch!!

DIY beanbag pattern. i am making these for the kids for Christmas for sure. that should give me enough time. :)

Applique circles would be fun to fill it in with concentric circles.

Creative Mommas: DIY Bean Bag Chair....follow the link for the cute with the different fabrics!

DIY Bean Bag Bed! Making me one!!! I have to have one, and by me I mean I will make it, do all the math (which is dislike BTW), make the mess, clean the mess.... Only to have to hand it over to one of the other 6 people in my family. Or the neighbors IF they find out!

Bean Bag Chair; when i learn to be martha stewart i wanna make christian one of these.

How to make a bean bag chair! Yippee! Once I am done with the basement I was going to buy a couple for the kids to sit on while they play video games, but if I get brave making them would be so much cooler!

DIY Adult Bean Bag Chair by Joanna Armour: Here is the link for the PDF.