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I can speak french!

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my faaaavorite scene ever! Joey trying to learn french lol "Je de floop flee!

Friends was a show that had everything. It had humor, romance, drama. Oh, and they had Chandler and Joey.

The Best Moments Of Friends Show - 18 Of the Greatest Quotes That Made America Laugh

There's some nice guys at my office, do you want me to set you up? But no accountants. And no one from, like, legal. I don't like guys with boring jobs." "Oh and Ross was like what? A lion tamer?" - Rachel and Chandler, Friends

I love Friends - especially this episode! :)

Omg I LOVE this episode! and only because TOW Joey Speaks French is, well. the one where Joey speaks French xD

I recognized it by Monica's sexy Lipstick and Chandler's way too sexy tracksuits *sarcastic*


Funny pictures about Joey And The Cup. Oh, and cool pics about Joey And The Cup. Also, Joey And The Cup photos.

One of my favorite episodes! Hahahahaha I cannot stop laughing!!!!

Dude, it's Chandler! I went to the tanning place and the same thing happened to me! Did you count mississippily? You're not ten. No, I just had to get a picture of this.

10 Of Chandler’s Best Lines… | B for Bel

Because life is always better with a sarcastic comment And this is why he is my favorite character on Friends! 10 Of Chandler’s Best Lines

Friends - 3-legged talking puppy

These guys were the only good part of this show.

Friends Fun Facts!

Friends Fun Facts!

I honestly couldn't bring myself to imagine anyone else playing the roles of my Friends. I also just realized how Negative of a letter N is.

The cast of Friends, then and now

The Cast of Friends: Then & Now

Funny pictures about The Cast of Friends: Then & Now. Oh, and cool pics about The Cast of Friends: Then & Now. Also, The Cast of Friends: Then & Now photos.

Haha:) I feel like that at school sometimes!!

Just Joey...