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Surviving Tracy

Andrew Marcus wanted freckles. Nicky Lane had freckles. He had about a million of them. They covered his face, his ears and the back of his neck. Andrew didn’t have any freckles. He had two warts on his finger. But they didn’t do him any good at all. (judy blume, freckle juice)

Someday, Someday, Maybe: A Novel Lauren Graham's Debut Novel!!!! Can't wait till April 30th to read it!!

Alessandra Cecchi becomes intoxicated with a young painted whom her father hires. At a young age, Alessandra is forced to marry a much older man. She is miserable in her married life except for a strange freedom that allows her to pursue her attraction for the young painter.

Vintage The New Fun with Dick and Jane Book Basic Readers

I taught all three of my kids to read by age four with this book.

Little House on the Prairie – Real Cause of Mary Ingalls’s Blindness

I LOVED reading this with Ethan when he was little. We would both just die laughing! It was one of the books he learned to read with.