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Baako, bologna tongue! ❤

Bully tongue!


Look at that face!!

Summertime,, icecreams; what else can you wish for..

I WANT. such a beautiful little piggy with a beautiful story, my heart just broke and healed itself up again instantaneously: Sweet, Wheelchair, Pigs, My Heart, Bacon, Animal, Piglet

Frenchie luv

Max Estes

kitty in the office :)


Lion Hat for Your Cat - #showmecats #thefashionista


Exhausting day at the dog park!

Every Monday calls for a dog in a mailbox to cheer you up.

Patiently waiting.

French bulldog

French Bulldog


a beautiful face

Just look into the eyes - love is pouring out. I will have a poodle again. #poodle