we should like find a bunch of these cute little girly saying things that have to do with food or drinks or whatever and frame them to hang up in our kitchen area!!!

I do this every day.

"Meet Me at the Kentucky Derby" - unless you're pregnant, in which case its drunken mess all around you


Mmmmm wine


Love is being stupid together...and being comfortable enough to be that silly

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retro funny.... a.l.s

Wine & friends are a great blend

Yup !!!!

You're right, wine. I should.

housework makes me thirsty


Wine: an alcoholic drink that is made from fermented grapes and therefore officially counts as a serving of fruit.


Sometimes this is very true for me:)

Nuf said!!

Unfortunatly this is very true

I'm hearing things differently lately. I think it might be a sign of exhaustion!

And dammit, I deserve it!