Linen apron with vintage fabric and - I may have pinned this already but I don't care because I just love it!

old linen


Zinc tub with roses #bucket #roses #pink <3

Antique French Lace

vintage white linens

antique lace-edged linen


Nordstrom at Home 'Chloe' Duvet Cover available at #Nordstrom

embroidered linen

Monogrammed Antique Linen Towels

lacy linens

linen gauze curtains


monogrammed towel

Monograms are a time-honored way of both showing ownership and embellishing beautiful linens. Always in good taste! Learn to care for vintage linens at

A bathroom window curtain made with a patchwork of vintage embroidered linens by Rosehip

Lovely linens and silver

pearls and linen, lace