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How to Thread a Brother LS2125 Sewing Machine

by Kittie McCoy
Before you can get started using your new Brother LS2125, you need to learn how to thread the machine. While the steps of threading a sewing machine vary slightly from one to the next, most machines use a basic threading pattern. The Brother LS2125 is no exception to this, and its thread pattern pos...
  • Heather Efird

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  • Lollipop Goldstein

    Her best friend, Arianna, a finisher for a wedding dress designer.

  • love wilf

    hi L im sorry i cant c the belt too well in the pic. i had some ideas tho u could perhaps use as a starting point. also the belt i gave u might help wt sizing or holster design ideas. hope i was some help! B

  • Beverly Roach

    hand stitching

  • Shannon McLeod

    @Tiffany Allen - beginner's basic hand sewing tutorials

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