(EDC) Every Day Carry Gear For When SHTF

Make an Aluminum Can Lamp For Light And Heating Water - Very handy #shtf #prepping #survival

Bug-out Bag Loadout The Ultimate Urban Survival Kit TUUSK

Make your own weapons? Yes please. Learn how here.

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack

bugoutchannel: Ultimate EDC Survival Kit Infographic! Download the high-resolution version here: http://www.bugoutchannel.com/ultimate-edc-survival-kit/ What the video here: https://youtu.be/Uff_R8jhoXg

EDC gear

Do it yourself water filter for emergency water filtration.

Sitka S-type Gearslinger - MAXPEDITION HARD-USE GEAR Tactical Nylon Gear for Military, Law Enforcement, Tactical Concealed Carry; Tailored to Perform Tactical

Ultimate survival tool yes, but also remember melee weapons will be primary defense since ammo should be conserved for times when absolutely needed.


Everyday Carry for the car

These are AWESOME everyday carry tools! The Official Atwood collectors thread. - Page 6

Spool Tool – Great Way to Carry Your Paracord

EverydayTacticalVids challenged himself to build an urban survival kit using only items he found at Home Depot. The total cost for this kit was $235.

Urban Every Day Carry

Every Day Carry: a small collection of tools, equipment and supplies that are carried on a daily basis to assist in tackling situations ranging from the mundane to the disastrous.

EDC Gear

Vehicle Every Day Carry Items (VEDC)

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Ideas for mini urban survival kits #EDC #prepper