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EDC Keychain Essentials, gear and tools. Recommended by

Urban Survival Sitefrom Urban Survival Site

How To Survive In An Urban SHTF Scenario

If you go to a protest, you need to wear the right clothes, carry the right equipment, know how to protect yourself from tear gas, and know how to escape.

So what do you really need to carry every day? How do you figure out what should go on your EDC gear list? Here's what Graywolf from Graywolf Survival carries and why, as well as some suggestions on how to plan your EDC kit. - Graywolf Survival's EDC kit

Every Day Carry: a small collection of tools, equipment and supplies that are carried on a daily basis to assist in tackling situations ranging from the mundane to the disastrous.

The Perfect Automotive Roadside Assistance Survival Gear For Your BOV Bug Out Vehicle 564x423 The Perfect Vehicle Emergency Survival Gear Fo...

How to Repair Small Engines Great skill to know for a SHTF situation #shtf #prepping #skills #survival

Hostile Planet: Essential Items Needed for Disaster Preparation; fire steel, multi-tool, hatchet, whiskey, quality fixed blade knife, & a pistol.