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john phalane cartographic art

These beau­ti­ful maps were drawn in col­ored pen­cil by John Phalane, a car­to­graphic artist who focuses on the areas of South Africa where he’s lived and worked.

“That’s the contiguous United States, colored at each point by the zoom level of the smallest enclosing Google Maps tile wherein 1,000 or more people live, according to 2010 block-level Census data. Periwinkle represents zoom level 14 , navy blue 13, yellow 12, dark green 11, and so on.”

The Contiguous United States Visualized By Map Tiles With Residents // stephen von worley

know your neighborhoods

know your neighborhoods

bostonography, map showing where people think boston neighborhoods are

Boston: Crowdsourced boundaries for neighborhoods — backbay

old world map by Oronteus Finaeus

French cartographer Oronce Fine is best known for his cordiform, or heart-shaped maps. His Mappemonde Cordiforme d’Oronce Fine was produces in Paris around

Map Art

Beyond- The fact it is a map really elevate this piece for me. I liked the design, but the map give it another layer that draws you closer

A current in the Pacific ocean dumps sailors and trash in strange places.  Read about the other ocean's version of the Gulf Stream.  smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/Borne-on-a-black-current.html

Borne on a Black Current

For thousands of years, the Pacific Ocean’s strong currents have swept shipwrecked Japanese sailors onto American shores