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  • Kyla Rose

    DIY vaseline & crystal light or koolaid lip balm

  • Ashliegh A.

    JustLove.lyThings: 14 days of love: lip balm #Awesome #DIY #DIY Lipgloss #Lipgloss

  • 7 Seasons Style

    DIY koolaid lip balm. Love the idea but Vaseline/petro products are really bad for you. Try Un-petroleum instead made with all natural ingredients. Much better than vaseline.

  • Donna Stanton

    DIY Lip Balm with Koolaid SUPPLIES 1C Vaseline or a petroleum free alternative (if you want something more natural) kool-aid (add 2 pkg koolaid & sweetener) or crystal light microwave safe bowl, spatula, lip gloss containers (I purchased 4 for $1 at michaels) microwave vaseline for 30 secs & stir. repeat 5/7 times to melt. Stir alot. add koolaid & sweetener and stir till dissolved. Reheat if nec. pour into containers. make in small batches.

  • Laurie ❤ PINaddiction!  Amen!

    Homemade Lip Balm: Vaseline and Kool-Aid (or Crystal Light) - My neice made it with butter mints and it is delightful!

  • Flora Garcia-Alvarez

    Make my own lipbalm!? HOW COOL is that?! Love this idea and can't wait to try, and if it goes well, they would make great little gifts!

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