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    Miles Davis, vol. 1   Label: Blue Note 1501   12" LP 1955  Design: John Hermansader   Photo: Francis Wolff

    Miles Davis

    John Coltrane / Prestige - vintage jazz album cover

    nypl.bibliocommon... Miles Davis | Blue Haze

    "Miles Davis: Cookin´," Label: Prestige 7094 12" LP 1957, Design: Reid Miles Illustration: Phil Hays

    Thad Jones: Detroit-New York Junction Label: Blue Note 1513, 1 9 5 6 Design: Reid Miles Photo: Francis Wolff

    Miles Davis poster

    Hank Mobley: Workout Label: Blue Note 4080 12" LP 1961 Photo: Francis Wolff

    Cannonball Adderley: Something Else Label: Blue Note 1595, 1 9 5 8 Design: Reid Miles

    Miles Davis At Fillmore

    Sonny Clark, Blue Note 1579

    jazz album covers

    Tehlonious Monk, Blue Note 1511

    John Coltrane: Blue Train Label: Blue Note 1577 12" LP 1957 Design: Reid Miles Photo: Francis Wolff

    Simply legendary. Simple music can be good and maintain way beyond its inception. Here is another legendary outfit that was cut short. Jim lived like a baffoon when he was drunk, but when he was on he was spot on. The man's shenanigans influenced my own youthful tom foolery. The Doors was the soundtrack in the background of my experimental college years.

    "The Jazz Messengers," Label: Columbia 897 12" LP 1956, Design: Neil Fujita, Photos: Don Hunstein

    Kind of Blue - The #1 Jazz Album of all time - and for good reason. In addition to being a flat-out terrific album, it has one other unique characteristic. It works both as background music AND as music you can let yourself sink into it - or let it go back into the background. Pretty interesting.

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    John Coltrane: Coltrane Label: Impulse A-21 12" LP 1962 Design: Robert Flynn Photo: Pete Turner

    Herbie Hancock: Maiden Voyage (Colored Vinyl, 180g) Vinyl LP