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Best dogs ever..We loved you Sparky and Pumpkin think of you so often. Thanks for your licks, smiles and tail wags.Your daily "tag team" events kept me amused for over 10 years. Most of all your loyality..

The only dog I would even consider having- blue merle Aussie- want one! Is it odd that I've wanted a herd of herding dogs for longer than I can remember? Blue merle aussies on the brain today.

My old Australian shepherd lived 2 b 17 years old. I have never seen a dog so smart in my whole life. A man tried to rob me once. Bear saved me.

Tricolor Australian Shepherds are the healthiest breed of Aussies. Aussies live anywhere between 12 and 18 years. I'm an Aussie owner and lover!

Siberian husky / golden retriever

Gallery for Australian Shepherd Puppies With Blue Eyes. Australian Shepherd Puppy With Blue Eyes Pictures

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