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    Orchid Root

    malachite, by Bill Atkinson

    Sometimes nature is astounding. Gorgeous photo.

    Rob Kesseler's Morphogenesis, SEM photograph of wild Portuguese flora, including orchids. Microfine sections of stems were stained to expose functional characteristics. Large format images constructed from up to 500 individual high magnification frames.

    Cross section of the stem of a soybean seedling.

    blue iris

    Stem of water milfoil

    The surface of a mosquito egg ...

    A scanning electron microscope image of spider silk glands making a thread originally from Dennis Kunkel Microscopy.

    ✯ Dandelion

    plant cell cross section

    green wheat, bending in the breeze ... beautiful

    Malachite - very blue

    vodka tonic under a microscope. who knew.

    Asparagus Root Plant Cells Stained & Magnified, Fascinating !!

    "The micro-structure of a scale from a butterfly wing. Moth and butterfly wings use pigments to make some colours but physical structures, that affect the behaviour of light itself, to make others. The holes are around 1 micrometre across, about the size of a bacterium. Scanning electron microscopy by Dr Bronwen Cribb, University of Queensland."


    This is a cross section of the stem of the plant commonly known as goosegrass or sticky Jack and more scientifically as Galium aparine.

    Sugarcane root cross section (20x)

    snow gum tree

    Nature Magnified - dicot root cross section - microscopic plant cells; beauty in nature; delicate patterns & natural colour source for design