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MOROCHO, THE HERO~ SAVED TWO YOUNG GIRLS FROM A PUMA ATTACK. ALL OF THESE STORIES NEED TO BE PUBLICIZED, NOT JUST THE VERY FEW BAD STORIES ABOUT PITS! Dogs 101 - Dogo Argentino Precious is as precious does. I live for the day these misunderstood & much maligned furkids are once again revered as the sweet, loving, protective babies they actually are. Educate everyone you know about how wonderful they really are! AMAZING ANIMALS!


Full Of Excitement And Wonder

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Pumpkin helps soothe upset doggy stomachs & relieves anal glands. This is a great recipe for pumpkin doggy biscuits.


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Would you wear this? Comment below! **Every purchase feeds 7 shelter dogs!

Give Someone a Gift of FREE BROKEN WINDOW It's the same thing leaving a child in a hot car or You can't stand a HOT Car whiling waiting why leave your animals. Break the window

So true. People think that they are bad and dangerous. There is no such thing as a bad dog only a bad owner!!!!! PIT BULLS ARE LOVING ANIMALS.

Love is love. Daisy Mae, a former dogfighting bait dog is now a loving therapy dog who cuddles with the elderly and frail, and allows small children to hold her tight when they are undergoing painful medical procedures. Click to read her story.

This is Lilly, a heroic pit bull who lost her leg saving her owner from being hit by a train.