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    MOROCHO, THE HERO~ SAVED TWO YOUNG GIRLS FROM A PUMA ATTACK. ALL OF THESE STORIES NEED TO BE PUBLICIZED, NOT JUST THE VERY FEW BAD STORIES ABOUT PITS! Dogs 101 - Dogo Argentino Precious is as precious does. I live for the day these misunderstood & much maligned furkids are once again revered as the sweet, loving, protective babies they actually are. Educate everyone you know about how wonderful they really are! AMAZING ANIMALS!

    A wonderful story. It's great to hear the successes among the tragedies. :) *[click picture to read]*

    Pit bulls can be heroes

    Meet Oogy, Oogy was about ten weeks old and weighed 20 pounds he was tied to a stake and used as bait for a Pit Bull. The left side of his face including most of his ear was torn off. He was bitten so hard a piece of his lower jaw was crushed. Afterward, he was thrown into a cage and left to bleed to death. If you have time to reblog pointless hipster photos, youll have time to reblog this, respect for Oogy...I have never met this guy but I love him and so proud of him


    Pit bull K-9 officer, great story

    Ban Dog Fighting! Steve King, (R-IA) believes and fights to have dog fighting made legal in the USA. People like that POS King need to be locked up. He has no business in congress representing anyone.

    Crying! Please repin if you are against it!

    Beautiful story ♥

    Love this story

    Emergency Recall Training | How To Get Your Dog to Come When Called (No Matter What)

    Police Dogs

    Everyday this kitty waits for her puppy pal to come by and then they go on a walk. Too cute!

    It's a must to know!

    Love the synchronized head tilts

    Pit bulls

    This Breed Of Dog Might Be Massive, But You’ll Want One When You See These Pics - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

    Haatchi a dog that was tied to a railroad and hit by a train which lost him a leg and tail was rescued by little Owens family. Owen was a depressed and reclusive 7 year old with a rare genetic condition that makes him very self conscious...that is until Haatchi entered his life. They saved each to read the story and see pictures. Wonderful story.

    Unfortunately the story behind this picture is that the service man has to leave his military working dog because dogs are equipment to the government. Very few dogs actually end up with their handler once they come back home.