MOROCHO, THE HERO~ SAVED TWO YOUNG GIRLS FROM A PUMA ATTACK. ALL OF THESE STORIES NEED TO BE PUBLICIZED, NOT JUST THE VERY FEW BAD STORIES ABOUT PITS! Dogs 101 - Dogo Argentino Precious is as precious does. I live for the day these misunderstood & much maligned furkids are once again revered as the sweet, loving, protective babies they actually are. Educate everyone you know about how wonderful they really are! AMAZING ANIMALS!

love a story with a happy ending..!

A wonderful story. It's great to hear the successes among the tragedies. :) *[click picture to read]*

an incredible story ~ Patrick, the AMAZING pitbull

Pit Bull saves Mom and child from stranger even though he had never seen the Mom before! >> Pit Bulls are really wonderful dogs and get such a bad rap! Look at that face!

Beautiful story <3

Some typos...but still great stories!


Love this story

Many people remember a fallen soldier as a person in uniform. Sometimes that soldier is the four legged friend who saved your life by being a bomb-sniffing dog and finding the IED and warns you about it before it explodes. This is a sad but beautiful picture of pure respect for two fallen heroes.

Cane Corso - My friend has one of these! WOW, what a dog! Super protective, but super friendly when you get to know them! Like Pitbulls. Huge Paws on these guys, great family protectors.

Cool guy. What a wonderful story.

Pit bull facts poster

Such a Sad Story!

Horrible matting, I've had to dematt a dog this bad before! :(

Pit Bulls

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So true. People think that they are bad and dangerous. There is no such thing as a bad dog only a bad owner!!!!! PIT BULLS ARE LOVING ANIMALS. Oh and by attacked more like licked and cuddled to death!!!!