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After it was revealed that those poor women spent ten years - TEN YEARS - being chained up, captured, abused, tortured, humiliated, raped, nobody blamed God. Nobody said "how could God allow that". What they did say was "oh thank god they were found. Praise God, he answered the families' prayers!!" After ten years of ignoring them!!!

Ask a religious person if they can prove God exists and they’ll tell you they have faith — which is really just a mental filibuster for drawing logical conclusions. Thank God for the God Meme. Actually scratch that, thank the internet for the God Meme.

The god of the Bible has very strange morals.

The god character in the christian bible has very strange morals.

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Children starve to death every day.but keep saying magic words over your food and thanking a God for personally feeding "you".

Have you noticed these idiots all have the same shit-eating grin....makes me want to slap them!

Oh Kirk Cameron, how did you turn out to be the evil villain of human rights. You are truly the definition of a heart breaking disappointment


Relatively Interesting 26 Atheist Memes: Will You Reconsider the .

weirdo. That was genesis 1:3. In gen. 1:14 he created the sun. LOL

God, tired of being all alone in the nothing since forever, decided to start talking to himself. << God needed a cat.

If his greater plan necessitates that children suffer, it's a lousy plan and he's not worthy of praise.

My mother in law just told me that Tim Tebow is proof of God. I Facebook tagged her in this photo in response. Too harsh?

Stuff like this makes me appalled that people still believe in "the power of prayer"

Practically everything is a metaphor in the Bible, it doesn't take science to tell us that

It was how they saw the world work before science disproved it, now its a metaphor.

we are supposed to forgive 70 x 7...but he forgives ONCE and after that, we're doomed..

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I totally reject the concept of "eternal" (whatever that is) because it would make the Christian Deity the most evil being ever imagined.

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Anthony Jeselnik on why he's an athiest.

Anthony Jeselnik on why he's an athiest. You know, He doesn't send people to Hell, He just honors their choice. You might want to do some serious reconsideration on your obviously misguided decision.

I am totally going to say this from now on!!

I am totally going to say this from now on!!

Welcome to reality, we're sure you will like what you see. :) - http://holesinthefoam.us/michaelafuckyeah/

I can believe in a god but not the religious DOGMA--I got angry too but realized man is fallible and corruptable

Sometimes you think negatively but with God you can do anything!>>AHAHAHAHAHA THIS PERSON SAVED IT TO CHRISTIAN QUOTES DID YOU EVEN FINISH READING IT?! AHAHAHAH

You say, God says

Cherry picking the Bible and what "god" says while ignoring all the OTHER things "god" says