DIY coconut bird feeder.

bird house

DIY bird feeders

Seed cups for the birds. . .its in Swedish, I think, but you get the drift. . .Suet, sunflower seeds, cranberries, rope, and a couple Dixie cups!

19 Beautiful DIY Bird Feeders

Solstice Wishing Candles

Feeding guidelines for wild birds, attract the ones you want!

Easy Bird Feeders by Ulla Vestola: Use your leftover orange rinds to feed your neighborhood birds. #DIY #Bird_Feeder #Orange_Halves

How to Make a Wine Bottle Bird Feeder. This totally needs to happen... except maybe a vodka or scotch bottle.

Cute ideas to feed birds

Stuff pot with suet feed. Great for nuthatches, chickadees, titmice, downies...

DIY Bird Feeder

This is now on the spring to-do list! - LEGO bird feeder combines love of birds and bricks! | Inhabitots

Simple bird feeder. ... Spread a toilet paper tube with peanut butter, roll in bird seed, slip it over a tree branch. Good kid project.

Bird Feeders!

bird feeder

bird feeder

the birds will go wild with this easy to make bird feeder.