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Hi! I'm Kaylee Zerbe and I'm 18 1/2. I also have water and ice powers. I'm a photographer, writer and soccer player. I'm pretty outgoing and hyper. I always dye my hair. I do have a lot of piercing too.

bright pumpkin orange hair if I were going to dye my hair I would do an orange similar to this but more subtle

Lauren's hair colorist shows you how to get tipped out.

so pretty.... purple blue teal mint turquoise -y colors .. ombre.. ombre ombre ombre ombre haha so so pretty

Lavender hair, want this for my next color.

photo.JPG by ugg-off, via Flickr. Sadie's new tropical rainbow colored tips.

Love this hair fall look for me? maybe :)

Blood No mind to my sister, please, she's a little dramatic. / I blinked at her brilliant pink hair and a smile turned the corners of her ruby red lips || Sultry Crimson Captures - The Lost in Paradise Design Scene Editorial is Rose-Hued and Ravishing (GALLERY)