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I love doing this hairstyle <3

With head bent down, french braid hair starting at nape of neck. After at least halfway up back of head, secure braid with an elastic. Gather remaining hair & twirl around into a bun. Do a ballerina style bun (as shown), or a messy bun.

French Twist How-To.   I don't need this, but some of you might. Go to the link to find step 1. It's basically sectioning your hair and then it goes into step two.

How to do a French Twist - sofeminine How to do a French Twist Section off the front portion of the hair. Brush hair to one side of head, going slightly beyond the centre of the back of your head. Secure hair with grips.

hairstyles <3 by kourtney

Wrapped Braids -letting my hair grow so i can do this stuff to it!