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  • Miranda

    When I say Class, You say Yes! Whole Brain Teaching ideas.

  • Jennifer Luebke

    Jeff Battle says it's his All-time FAV.OR.ITE classroom management approach. In a few hours, can read through all of his Whole Brain Teaching strategies, but if short on time, start with 1st steps. Has TONS of free downloads......he says it works & promises!!!!!

  • Krista Paul

    Great Site for classroom management ideas and attention getters

  • Kathy S.

    Attention getter- class...yes. Another look at Whole Brain Strategies. If you have a few hours read through all of the Whole Brain Teaching strategies. If you're short on time, start with the 1st step. Really smart idea and DO-able! TONS of free downloads!!

  • Rebecca Christine

    The first part of the best classroom management plan ever. FREE and MIRACULOUS results.

  • Dallas Thompson

    This is my favorite classroom management strategy! It WORKS!

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Whole brain teaching... I just learned about this today. It seems like effective classroom management paired with actions, partner work, and repetition; activating different portions of the brain to make learning fun and easy. -NDW

100s of pages of free downloads can be found at WholeBrainTeachin... Watch this substantial addition to Andrea Schindler's kindergarten video as her students demonstrate an amazing variety of Whole Brain Teaching techniques: class-yes, hands and eyes, teach-okay, switch, Mighty Oh Yeah, lines-lines-lines, seats-seats-seats, a bubble in your m...

My All-time FAV.OR.ITE classroom management approach. If you have a few hours read through all of the Whole Brain Teaching strategies, if you're short on time, start with 1st steps. TONS of free downloads......this works, I promise!!!!!

I love using attention getters in my classroom, even 5th graders get a kick out of them and even suggest new ones! It works! :) Better than yelling to get their attention any day!

Whole Brain Teaching -- great source for visuals and getting your class started for WBT

Fluency 1 - Work on expression and fluency by having the students read a paragraph after choosing one of these cards that gives them a different voice or action to do while reading. It keeps their attention while they're learning different ways to read. Or you can use this to help kids remember the spelling for sight words

Call/ fun! I might try this for the upcoming year. Last year about did me in with trying to get their attention.