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    "The Game Where People Yell Really Loud For Some Reason." Fishbowl! A fun game!

    The story between Anastasia and Dmitri is beautiful.

    Tips from our depression era grandparents - advice that never gets old.

    An Introvert’s Guide to Making an Impact | RELEVANT Magazine

    JUNE 24, 2015: On the Confederate flag, the Civil War, and social media. - Fox Sports

    How to save money while living paycheck to paycheck.

    14 amazing psychological studies.

    Anne of Green Gables - Beauty and the Beast - Fine! Break my heart!

    Yep. I may be partial...

    Life hack. Creating a light bulb.

    Multi holiday cross word wrapping paper.

    Listen and Silent.

    A Get Well Kit : large mug, honey, fresh lemon, echinacea tea bag, chapstick, tissues, throat drops (insert lemon honey tea directions: squeeze half of a lemon & honey into bottom of cup, put squeezed lemon half & tea bag in cup, add hot water & steep 10 minutes).

    Potoooooooo, pot-8-os, potatoes.

    You do never realize how loud (or bright) you every day actions are until you try to do them at 2:30am.

    Introvert. Robert Downy, Jr. vs. Castiel.

    ▶ Russian way of playing accordion - YouTube

    You Just Realized...

    Countries; 45 minutes away...

    O, Canada. Maps.

    Ice cream trucks and Starbucks trucks.

    Tetris cross stitch. Game Over.

    1000 Life Hacks