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    • Teri Lowry-Ross

      "Elementary-aged girls are often bullied by good friends. The book, Little Girls Can Be Mean, teaches you how to empower your daughter to find solutions herself. Little girl bullies grow up to be big girl bullies.

    • Kayleen Johnson

      Every mother needs to be aware of mean girls!!! Bullying can occur within the group that your daughter thinks are her friends. Being prepared will help you. I never thought it would happen to us but it did. It is something that NO kid should ever have to go through this. Pray for protection over your kids.

    • DenaySPhelps

      The Best Friend and Worst Enemy Bully Little girls can be mean- steps to bully proof young girls

    • T B

      Little girls can be mean. "Initially, when she told me about her book, I felt shocked. Friends as bullies? Then I thought about girls. And how they can’s not what we’ve been teaching our children about bullies. We’ve been teaching kids that the bullies are mean kids. Not our friends...“It’s very confusing for kids,” says Anthony, “their idea of bullying is very stereotypical, not the best friend / worst enemy.” This book began when Anthony’s daughter had a friend who turned against her.

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    Our goal in Social Thinking is to help a child develop more awareness & better use of social skills when compared to where he or she started - not compared to everyone else in their peer or age group. It's a slow process, but worth it!

    Our autism consultant made this visual schedule -- the pieces are connected and fold over so teachers and students don't loose them. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

    traumasocialworker: Control is something that comes up often during my sessions. Survivors have had their power taken away from them in the worst ways, and regaining control in their life can be difficult. It’s even harder for teenagers, who already have little control in their lives as it is. When clients tell me how they are feeling overwhelmed due to feeling like they have little control in their lives, I have the create “Control Circles”.

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    SAMPLE PAGE FROM: KID CODES: Expected vs. Unexpected Activity For Promoting Good Friendships These are fun and engaging activities to do with children who can benefit from practicing good friendship behaivors. Two sets of cards were made to appeal to both older and younger children. This is a great way to start a new school year or new group. Lots of fun. Kids really enjoy doing this. When not in use, the chart makes a great visual to keep up on your bulletin board.

    This collection is a set of 5 individual/group activities that can be used during sessions with student(s) to help them begin to build emotional regulation skills. Appropriate for grades 2.5 to 8th, the older the student the more in depth they can go with these, younger students vary on cognitive abilities and grades 2-3 should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    This Behavior Progress Monitoring Form enables teachers to collect detailed data consistently with little attention diverted from instruction, and the Behavior Progress Reflection Form is a self-evaluation tool for use with students to encourage the development of behavioral awareness and compensatory skills.

    Lee Wilkinson's advice on developing self management for students with autism

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    We uses Zones of Regulation curriculum at our school and this "self-monitoring center" would be a great tie-in.

    This form would be good for self-management because the student has to mark specific behaviors they have or have not performed. This will in turn motivate them to perform these behaviors in order to get their reward.

    Student self reflection - once a week to monitor behavior! Maybe once a month with a place for parent signatures at the bottom to keep parents informed.

    a pictoral and written expectation chart of classroom behaviors to help reduce frustration in students. It would be great for behavioral management and for students who have behavioral difficulties or disorders to self monitor.

    This can be used as a communication tool between parents, teacher and student. Also as another self monitoring tool.

    TONS of great resources to make games, behavior contracts, word families, etc.

    Stoplight desk tent to show student learning ---Crockett's Classroom

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    Self-evaluation worksheet to help monitor and have classroom management.

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    Effort meter; excellent to help them self-evaluate - love this freebie!