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but they´re just so fucking stupid...

Eat well. Travel often. Feel the sun on your face. Smell the thirst of the ocean. Fall in one with just one person.

Those freaking stairs going to the balcony at church... Every single time...

SO TRUE! I hate it when I can't go to sleep at night because I'm afraid that a monster or serial killer or something will kill me in my sleep and then in the morning I think I was being stupid!

So I know Simpsons quotes aren't really typical for this board, but it's relevant I swear! I'm certain someone has said this to me, or at least thought it really loudly.

why does this have to happen, especially when it is so funny

Oh my gosh.. this is perfect

When the ending of a good book is near

I'm laughing so hard because this is SOOOOOO me. I am so structured and yet...the seat of my pants, I tell yah!