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Wilfred: God bless the cactuses. The Doctor: That's cacti. Rossiter: That's racist!

Imagine coming across this one day... MY HEARTS. I'm not even a doctor who fan and this is amazing

I was crying the whole season 4 finale because I realized I would not see David Tennant as the Doctor anymore. His face made me sad :(

I laughed so hard when that happened. And it was awesome because that's from 9 but 10 still remembers. He may be a new doctor but he still keeps arts of himself


Her face is completely gone…

Lol! One of my least favorite episodes but this is awesome.

YouTubefrom YouTube

Breavley Diamond

So. Much. Win.

"Accurate. #DoctorWho" << BWAHAHAHA!!!! What's sad is that it is true