this is my teddy. he keeps me safe.

Just a ball of happiness

Why do people find mice ugly? Most of the time they're super cute like this guy. I just want to stick him in my pocket!! :)


To cute!

Can't stand rats? You might reconsider after these images. #rats #teddybear #amazinganimals they are sooo cuteee

and now i want a hedgehog.

A Squirrel and a Soldier

That face!

Baby African Elephant. #endangered #african #elephants #babies #animals #wildlife

everyone deserves a teddy bear.

Little mouse :)


so sweet

Teeny, tiny polar bear.

omg adorable!!!

Teacup pigs.

animals in cups

super cute*I can't even comprehend how cute this is

oh my goodness. i just died. <3