this is my teddy. he keeps me safe.



Hairless Cat & Hairless Rat


Tiny baby bats SO CUTE!!

To cute!

Just a ball of happiness

two peas in a pod

This mouse who can clearly read ...!!!... was sent to me as a gift from Brittany Greenholtz. Thank you SO much for this uber sweetness!

“…aside from snacks. Snacks will always be there for you, too.” | 19 Pieces Of Life Advice From Cute Rats



30 Absolute best kids of the year - I was laughing SO hard at some of them, especially #24. :)))

Babes and their best pals!

I want an owl!

Best mom ever...... How adorable <3

Personalized pet necklace with bone: Dog lovers jewelry.

You know if I had mice, they would be in sweaters. I cant even handle the cuteness